Root Canal Treatment

We strive to provide our patients with all the information needed to make an informed decision regarding treatment. During any step of the process, feel free to address any concerns.
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Step 1


During Step 1, x-rays and diagnostic tests will be performed to assess whether or not treatment will be needed.  If needed, a treatment plan will be presented to the patient, as well as the referring dentist, to ensure all associated with the patient are well informed.  If available, evaluation and treatment may be scheduled in the same session.

Mobile Endodontic Associates - Dr Manolakis

Step 2


If needed, and not already scheduled, our capable staff will work with the patient to schedule a time and day for treatment.

Mobile Endodontic Associates - Dr Manolakis

Step 3

Root Canal Treatment

On the day of treatment, dental personnel will review the plan with the patient, and answer any questions that may have developed. Treatment will usually be completed after one visit.  However, due to the unique characteristics of each dental patient, some may require more than one visit.  If the patient experiences unusual pain, swelling or drainage later than a week after treatment, the patient should call the endodontic office and schedule a return visit.

Mobile Endodontic Associates - Dr Manolakis

Step 4


Usually, within 7-10 days the patient is ready to return to the referring dentist for follow-up treatment.  

Mobile Endodontic Associates - Dr Manolakis
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