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We are focused on helping you achieve your best smile using all of today’s technology & yesterday’s common sense.


Joan-Marie Manolakis

Board-Certified Endodontist
Mobile Endodontic Associates - Dr Manolakis
Mobile Endodontic Associates

Helping to achieve the best
Natural Smile

Mobile Endodontic Associates (MEA) is dedicated to helping patients relieve pain and save their teeth. Using a teamwork approach, including the referring dentist, MEA works to ensure the patient’s needs are met and there is a complete understanding of the treatment process.
Mobile Endodontic Associates - Dr Manolakis
Root Canal Treatment
Toothache Pain
Sports Injuries
Auto Accidents
Root Canal Retreatment
Improper Healing
Narrow Canal
New Decay
Loose Filling
Difficult diagnostic cases
Determining source of pain
Expert diagnosticians
Traumatic Injury
Dislodged Teeth
Avulsed Teeth
Cracked Teeth
Craze lines
Fractured Cusp
Split Tooth
Vertical Root Fracture
American Dental Association
Root Canals - Mobile, AL
Alabama Board Certified Endodontist
Alabama General Dentistry Association - Mobile Endodontics Association

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